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Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015...


Congressional Democrats PAID BY IRANIAN LOBBY to support Obama’s nuke deal: … via @DCClothesline
Susan Gaeta ‏@GaetaSusan  Oct 29
­čöŐCalifornia Signs Law Allowing Illegals To VOTE‼ BS✔Totally Lawless❗#Pjnet #StopCorruption‼ … 

☆Ophidian Pilot☆ ‏@ophidianpilot  5m5 minutes ago
RNC Takes an Epic Stand with NBC After a Revolt of the Campaigns  via @indiesentinel
Joseph A. Gallant ‏@JosephAGallant  10m10 minutes ago
Mark Levin: Reince Priebus should be fired from the RNC for throwing Republicans under the bus … #TCOT #TeaParty

Michael A N├Âthem ‏@mikandynothem  22h22 hours ago
"Democrats have the ultimate Super PAC. Its called then MAINSTREAM MEDIA!" @marcorubio #tcot #pjnet #lnyhbt #FoxNews 
AFP Nevada ‏@afpnevada  7m7 minutes ago
Members of Congress just made it perfectly clear why their approval rating is 14%  #tlot #tcot


Un-Political Party ‏@UnPoliticalPrty  2m2 minutes ago
SHOCKING Facts  #MSM covered up about #Obamanomics DESTRUCTION to get Obama Reelected  #PJNET

Nah Baby Nah ‏@NahBabyNah  8m8 minutes ago
In New York, Obamacare has you covered — even if you’re dead

Washington Examiner ‏@dcexaminer  13m13 minutes ago
New York's Obamacare co-op in really bad shape  


Reince Priebus ‏@Reince  19m19 minutes ago
She wants to be commander-in-chief? In just 17 days Hillary flip-flopped on ground troops in #Syria. 

2016 GOP Candidates...

Washington Examiner ‏@dcexaminer  7m7 minutes ago
Jeb Bush campaign COO out  

Mark Elliott ‏@BikinInMaine  16m16 minutes ago
MT @bcwilliams92: Ted Cruz Cosponsors Bill To Withhold Federal $$$ From #SanctuaryCities.  #CruzCrew #PJNET

Barracuda Brigade ‏@BarracudaMama  4m4 minutes ago
Secret Service To Protect Trump, Carson ➠ Threats “Off The Charts” | BB4SP 

Nah Baby Nah ‏@NahBabyNah  10m10 minutes ago
Twitchy: "He's dead, Jim."
The post ‘#SwirlingTheBowl’: Things aren’t looking too good for Jeb!... … #WakeUpAmerica

RedState ‏@RedState  1m1 minute ago
Bush And His Super PAC To Launch Attacks On Marco Rubio: 


pete602 ‏@petefrt  3m3 minutes ago
Over 90% Recent Middle Eastern Refugees On Food Stamps, Almost 70% On Cash Welfare … #tcot #p2 

zerohedge ‏@zerohedge  4m4 minutes ago
Foreign Central Banks Yank Another 20 Tons Of Gold From The New York Fed Last Month, 276 Tons Since 2014

Senator Ted Cruz ‏@SenTedCruz  6h6 hours ago
Once again GOP Leadership sided with Democrats and gave President Obama a blank check  

Joseph A. Gallant ‏@JosephAGallant  2h2 hours ago
@JustinGallant_ Ted Cruz Hits a Grand Slam: The Dollar Should Be “Ideally Tied to Gold” … … 

☆Ophidian Pilot☆ ‏@ophidianpilot  16m16 minutes ago
“U.S. Descending to Third World” Status: American Jobs Are Gone Because of Offshoring  via @SHTFPlan


Marc Landers ‏@marclanders  1h1 hour ago
Swedish Foreign Minister says country is 'collapsing' due to migrants  via @MailOnline .@instapundit

English Democrats ‏@EnglishDemocrat  11m11 minutes ago
Sweden "collapsing" because of mass invasion.  Yes, we're not surprised.


Heritage Foundation ‏@Heritage  18m18 minutes ago
Um... what?
Why did the @EPA spend $1.4 Million on guns? 


John Nolte ‏@NolteNC  20s20 seconds ag0 Oh.My.
Hillary Clinton Was Warned Not to Blame Benghazi on Video … via @BreitbartNews

Mr T 2 ‏@GovtsTheProblem  22m22 minutes ago
Breaking News: Obama Administration knowingly lied about #Benghazi Terrorist Attack, for obvious political reasons.

Daniel John Sobieski ‏@gerfingerpoken2  9m9 minutes ago
(IBD) Hillary Clinton Email Gaps Hide 'Pay For Play,' #Benghazi Truth  - #IBDeditorials -  27

Susan V Brown ‏@AngryCBrown  Oct 28 Tallahassee, FL

American Thinker ‏@AmericanThinker  4m4 minutes ago
Latest emails put the lie to Hillary's excuse for ignoring pleas for Benghazi security 


New York Post ‏@nypost  33m33 minutes ago
A quick guide to 5 Hillary scandals the media is missing 

Kevin Corke ‏@kevincorke  14m14 minutes ago
#BREAKING @WhiteHouse won't release emails between @POTUS & @HillaryClinton until after he leaves office says admin source. #HillaryEmail

TwitchyTeam ‏@TwitchyTeam  2m2 minutes ago
Farewell, 'feigned ignorance': So Obama DID know Hillary used private email? 

NetAdvisor™ ‏@NetAdvisor  10m10 minutes ago
Top #Clinton Lawyer Filed Voter Suppression Suit 4 Group Under Voter Fraud - Suspected Forgery, Registrd Dead PPL


pete602 ‏@petefrt  6m6 minutes ago
Obama Using Immigration to Turn Red States Blue … #tcot #pjnet #p2  That's the END GAME!!!

pete602 ‏@petefrt  7m7 minutes ago
Obama Plan: Changing America by ‘seeding’ migrants in towns everywhere … 

WSCP2 ‏@WSCP2  18s18 seconds ago
Obama Regime, Public Enemy #1: ICE Releases 36K Convicted Criminals Awaiting Deportation  @NRO #tcot #TeaParty #PJNET

janbiggs ‏@biy2c  7m7 minutes ago
Texas tot, mom recovering after being shot by Mexican soldiers … via the @FoxNews Android app

Common Core...

John Galt ‏@dhrxsol1234  Oct 28
Student Performance Declines on National Tests Following #CommonCore Implementation  #tcot 

TRUNEWS™ ‏@TrunewsRadio  Oct 28
Arizona Makes Significant Step Toward Abolishing Common Core Standards  

Susan V Brown ‏@AngryCBrown  Oct 28 Tallahassee, FL


Jon Caldara ‏@JonCaldara  2m2 minutes ago
Tancredo: I'm Quitting GOP  #copolitics

ColoradoProLife ‏@ColoradoProLife  2m2 minutes ago
Bioethicist Says Planned Parenthood Likely Killed Babies Born Alive to Harvest Their Brains  

Jon Caldara ‏@JonCaldara  1m1 minute ago  - AG Coffman pens editorial response to Governor Hickenlooper  #coleg #copolitics

John Scotus ‏@John_Scotus  16m16 minutes ago
Horror in Boulder, Colo.: Prairie dogs hold Buddhist college at bay 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday, October 20, 2015...


Ed Baker ‏@EdBaker3000  2m2 minutes ago
Ed Klein: Obama Urging Biden to Make WH Run, Rejecting Meetings with Hillary - Breitbart  via @BreitbartNews
James Woods ‏@RealJamesWoods  3h3 hours ago
Hillary’s Email Troubles Are Far From Over | Observer. Finally a comprehensive overview of a disaster in the making.

Kristina Ribali ‏@KristinaRibali  Oct 16
19 years old, no high school diploma and he turned down work for $12.50 an hour because he'll lose his welfare benefits.
John Betts ‏@JohnFromCranber  6m6 minutes ago Pennsylvania, USA
Krauthammer: Biden to Run as an "Insurance Policy" in Case #Hillary Indicted … #tcot

Michael Brown ‏@MichaelBrownUSA  24m24 minutes ago
‘We’re Under Water’: Germany Shows Signs Of Strain From Mass Of Refugees… … via @WeaselZippers
The Hill ‏@thehill  21m21 minutes ago
BREAKING: Jim Webb considers independent run after debate-rigging allegations: … 

Law 1789 ‏@law1789  31m31 minutes ago
Article VI of the Constitution: Providing to honor US Debts, requiring Oaths & The Supremacy Clause:   #PJNET
Carolina Girl ‏@carolinagirl63  21h21 hours ago
Obama’s February, March 2015 Golf Vacations and Fundraisers Cost Taxpayers $4,436,245.50 in Travel Expenses Alone: 


NamelyVerified account ‏@NamelyHR  Oct 8
#ACA Update: Learn the new definitions and increased penalties before it's too late!  

Sister Toldjah ‏@sistertoldjah  27m27 minutes ago
#Obamacare // Many Low-Income Workers Say ‘No’ to Health Insurance - The New York Times  

AFPOhio ‏@AfpOhio  51m51 minutes ago
The Feds have a secret list of 11 #ObamaCare health insurance co-ops that are on the verge of failure 

Tea Party ‏@TeaPartyOrg  4m4 minutes ago
California Churches Sue After the State Demands They Pay for Abortions - 


The Daily Caller ‏@DailyCaller  4m4 minutes ago
Democratic Strategist STUNNED By Focus Groups Of Educated White Women  
Chuck ‏@FredTanner1  35m35 minutes ago
Clinton sets sights on gun control at NH forum --

Gen. Robert E Lee ‏@Suthen_boy  20h20 hours ago
Traitor Kerry: Climate change, food security key to global stability … Lying scum confirms his stupidity #tcot #pjnet

2016 GOP Candidates...

Barracuda Brigade ‏@BarracudaMama  32m32 minutes ago
Secret Service To Protect Trump, Carson ➠ Threats “Off The Charts” … on @bloglovin

QkTip ‏@QkTipcom  2h2 hours ago
Ted Cruz unloaded on Republican leadership in the House and Senate and vowed to follow through on his promises... 


Washington Examiner ‏@dcexaminer  30m30 minutes ago
GOP plots debt ceiling contingency plans  

WSCP2 ‏@WSCP2  2m2 minutes ago
Obamas America: 1 in 6 American Men Between Ages 25-54 Are Not Working  #NotShovelReady #TeaParty #tcot #tlot #PJNet

Norma Ramos ‏@amronsomar  49s50 seconds ago
Why the Bernie Sanders Tax Plan Can’t Pay for His Socialist Agenda | The Daily Caller


Virginia Dare ‏@vdare  27m27 minutes ago
Election victory for Swiss patriots shows rejection of immigration anarchy - … #tcot #AltRight 

Barracuda Brigade ‏@BarracudaMama  5m5 minutes ago
ISIS Caliphate Invades 1st European Country, Christians Told “Convert Or Die” | BB4SP 

pete602 ‏@petefrt  28m28 minutes ago
FBI Director: Islamic State Recruiting ’24 Hours a Day’ in All 50 States  #tcot #pjnet #p2 

TRUMPTRUTH ‏@Fore_Warned  29m29 minutes ago
Radical islam--COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU:  Massive Muslim “Knife” Rally in Gaza | Pamela Geller  via @sharethis

WTH?... ‏@townhallcom  3m3 minutes ago
Day After Agreement on Cybersecurity Between US and China, Security Firm Reports Cyberattack From China 


AzMike623 ‏@AzMike623  1m1 minute ago
Amb Stevens’ emails leading up to #Benghazi attack will give you CHILLS; … 

Fox News ‏@FoxNews  7h7 hours ago
Ambassador sought security staffing before #Benghazi attack, email shows:  @foxnewspolitics 

☆Ophidian Pilot☆ ‏@ophidianpilot  2m2 minutes ago
Sharyl Attkisson’s special report on Benghazi: What we now know vs. what we were told  via @BIZPACReview

CO2HOG™ ‏@CO2HOG  19m19 minutes ago
Benghazi Victim’s Mom: Hillary Is The ‘Anti-Mom’, Says Soldier Told Her He Could Have Saved Her Son If...  | #tcot



James Woods ‏@RealJamesWoods  2h2 hours ago
18 U.S. Code § 798 - Disclosure of classified information | US Law.  What part of this do libs not understand?

Proud American ‏@CITIncUS  6s6 seconds ago
Chinese Hacks U.S. One Day After Obama's No-Hacking Deal


Ed ‏@EDinCali  4m4 minutes ago
Federal Judge: Texas Can CONTINUE NOT Issuing Birth Certificate for Anchor Babies

Common Core...

Rob Cunningham ‏@Rob_Cunningham  52m52 minutes ago
Teachers led 2 believe #CommonCore's a rigorous curriculum that allows 4 instructional flexibility? @BreitbartNews 

Kandi Rider ‏@KandiRider  21h21 hours ago
This is the next step for #CommonCore: Israel: Palestinians 'Brainwashed With Hate'

NRAVerified account ‏@NRA  Oct 15
Is #CommonCore sneaking in anti-gun rhetoric?  #2A


Brandon RittimanVerified account ‏@BrandonRittiman  15h15 hours ago
INBOX: The 2016 booze-in-grocery-stores campaign launches tomorrow under the name "Your Choice Colorado." #COpolitics #9NEWS

Colorado Senate GOP ‏@ColoSenGOP  12m12 minutes ago
Wake up and smell the coffee, Democrats: … #copolitics #tcot #gop 

Colorado Senate GOP ‏@ColoSenGOP  3m3 minutes ago
Game-playing suspected as #EPA slow walks Power Plan publication: … #copolitics #tcot #gop #cpp

COindependent ‏@COindependent  16h16 hours ago

Attorney’s listicle shows horror of Colorado school-board rules … #copolitics

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday, October 8, 2015...


☆Ophidian Pilot☆ ‏@ophidianpilot  22m22 minutes ago
Nuclear Smugglers Set up a Nuclear Jihad Armageddon  via @jihadwatchRS
*** ‏@PatriotMash  25m25 minutes ago
Roseburg official: Umpqua shooting hero Chris Mintz 'not interested' in meeting with Obama (VIDEO)

RealClearPolitics ‏@RealClearNews  7m7 minutes ago
How will undocumented immigrants impact the electoral college? @DavidBylerRCP considers:  
☆Ophidian Pilot☆ ‏@ophidianpilot  9m9 minutes ago
Migration Madness  via @GatesofVienna

Barracuda Brigade ‏@BarracudaMama  19m19 minutes ago
Coffee Shop In Hot Water After Writing ‘FTP’ (F*ck the Police) On To-Go Cups | BB4SP 
WSCP2 ‏@WSCP2  14m14 minutes ago
Obama EPA set to act against Congress & American People on climate change.  #ClimateScam #TeaParty #tcot #PJNET

clarissa jones ‏@beachkatie  20m20 minutes ago
Doug Ross @ Journal: FBI SEIZES HILLARY STATE DEPT. SERVERS: Who cops a...
Frances Drake ‏@Frances_D  28m28 minutes ago
READ IT EVERYDAY & MEMORIZE! 12 Ways To Use Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals Against Liberals … #PJNET #TCOT #CCOT

The Hill ‏@thehill  5m5 minutes ago
Anticipation builds as Biden prepares to announce 2016 decision:  
GodGuns&Trump ‏@LindsePatton  35m35 minutes ago
Obama Has Already Released 1/3 of the 6,000 Prisoners He Plans to Put Back on the Streets  I guess nobody can stop him


James Woods ‏@RealJamesWoods  10h10 hours ago
Medicare Part B premiums to rise 52% for 7M  What part of the Affordable Care Act is actually affordable?

Dinesh D'Souza ‏@DineshDSouza  2h2 hours ago
Did somebody at Doctors Without Borders speak out against Obamacare?


Bob Roberts ‏@BobRoberts2A  25m25 minutes ago
Obama Threatens Veto on Defense Bill over Military Spending, Gitmo - … #tcot 

☆Ophidian Pilot☆ ‏@ophidianpilot  18s18 seconds ago
Obama Willing to Toss America to Wolves  via @PoliticalOutcast

DRUDGE REPORT ‏@DRUDGE_REPORT  17m17 minutes ago
House GOP to vote for new speaker, but won't be last word... ‏@PatriotMash  15m15 minutes ago
Hillary compares the NRA to 'Iranians and Communists'

2016 GOP Candidates...

IrritatedWoman™ ‏@irritatedwoman  Oct 6
BRILLIANT! Watch Ted Cruz DESTROY Sierra Club President on Climate Change | The Right Scoop

╬× BLACK REPUBLICAN ╬× ‏@blackrepublican  Oct 6
Totally disgusting! U Penn Professor @AntheaButler Calls Ben Carson 'Coon of the Year'  #tcot ‏@PatriotMash  12m12 minutes ago
Trump defends Carson over Oregon shooting comments

Mark R. Levin ‏@marklevinshow  Oct 6
My interview with Donald Trump 


☆Ophidian Pilot☆ ‏@ophidianpilot  9m9 minutes ago
Pennsylvania's Democrat Governor Calls for 16% Income Tax Increase! 

Greg Abbott ‏@GregAbbott_TX  8h8 hours ago
It's time to Lift Oil Export Ban in U.S. Why would Obama give Iran the OK to ship oil but deny that to Americans? 

Breitbart News ‏@BreitbartNews  Oct 6
Toys ‘R’ Us Forces U.S. College Grads to Train Their H-1B Foreign Replacements 

Bloomberg Business ‏@business  11m11 minutes ago
BREAKING: Saudi Arabia is said to order spending curbs amid oil price slump 


Linda Suhler, Ph.D. ‏@LindaSuhler  8h8 hours ago
Russia May Expand Anti-ISIS Offensive To Iraq #Putin 

Laura Walker ‏@LauraWalkerKC  4m4 minutes ago
These are the cruise missiles Russia just sent into Syria  via @washingtonpost

Jan ‏@southgadiva  3m3 minutes ago
Popularity for 'Putin the Shiite' Sky-High in Iraq

Jan Pleasants ‏@Jantxnc  6m6 minutes ago
Playground ‘Pig’ Offends Muslims: … via @DCClothesline

WTH?... ‏@PatriotMash  4m4 minutes ago
Liberals hate police but love police states

Tea Party ‏@TeaPartyOrg  14m14 minutes ago
Muslim ‘Clock-Boy’ Dad Pushes 9/11 Conspiracy Theories - 


The HillVerified account ‏@thehill  Oct 6
UPDATE Dem move to kill Benghazi Committee fails  

Wayne Dupree™ ‏@WayneDupreeShow  Oct 7
Hillary Clinton in Iowa - Who cares about emails and Benghazi

James WoodsVerified account ‏@RealJamesWoods  10h10 hours ago
Wrap up Benghazi inquest: Our view  The Benghazi Committee uncovered the Clinton email scandal. Nobody else did.

Norma Ramos ‏@amronsomar  10h10 hours ago
Trey Gowdy RIPS INTO Kevin McCarthy for misrepresenting the Benghazi investigation » The Right Scoop -


Aaron MacLean ‏@AaronBMacLean  10h10 hours ago
Clinton subject to hack attempts from China, Korea, Germany

RTR TRUTH MEDIA ‏@tomlacovara  29m29 minutes ago
Hillary Clinton Bombshell: Documents Prove She is Guilty of Multiple Felonies … via @po_st

Brandon RittimanVerified account ‏@BrandonRittiman  12h12 hours ago
Story: Denver firm turns over more equipment related to Hillary Clinton's email server:  #COpolitics #9NEWS


Ann Coulter ‏@AnnCoulter  Oct 6
Until he killed her, Kate Steinle's accused murderer was a "nonviolent drug offender." Obama to release 6k criminals- 

Stacy Washington ‏@StacyOnTheRight  11m11 minutes ago
45% of illegal alien kids no showed their deportation hearings. So much for the whole rule of law thing.

Common Core...

Gregg Re ‏@Gregg_Re  10h10 hours ago
From @DailyCaller A Key Part Of Common Core Isn’t Working Out: States are back to fudging their standardized t... 

RightWingConspiracy ‏@strait328  8m8 minutes ago
Domestic #Terrorist for Secretary of #Education?  via @freedomoutpost #obama #CommonCore #NEA

WSCP1 ‏@WSCP1  17m17 minutes ago
I guess Separation of Church & State doesnt count here - Islamic vocabulary lesson in Common Core standards  #PJNet


Michelle MalkinVerified account ‏@michellemalkin  17h17 hours ago
Obama's EPA turned Colorado's waters orange. Now his DOD wants to flood our prisons w/ orange-clad Gitmo jihadists.

Brandon RittimanVerified account ‏@BrandonRittiman  Oct 6
Read: health co-op that insures 80,000 Coloradans says feds putting its existence at stake-- -  #COpolitics #9NEWS

CO Peak Politics ‏@COpeakpolitics  Oct 5
DEFEATING A DEMOCRAT: Bennet’s Casper the Friendly Ghost Problem … #Copolitics #Cosen

CO Peak Politics ‏@COpeakpolitics  Oct 2

MORE COAL LAYOFFS:  Western Slope Mine Targeted By WildEarth Guardians To Lay Off ... … #Copolitics #Cosen

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday, September 22, 2015...


Fox News ‏@FoxNews  7m7 minutes ago
Can the #pope break the deadlock? #Obama administration reportedly seeking #Vatican help on Americans jailed in #Iran 

Nah Baby Nah ‏@NahBabyNah  3m3 minutes ago
CAIR Demands Ben Carson Withdraw From Presidential Race… … #WakeUpAmerica
pete602 ‏@petefrt  4m4 minutes ago
Gallup: Biggest problems are Jobs, Govt, and Economy. Smallest: Climate Change and Racism  #tcot #teaparty #pjnet #p2

Robert Spencer ‏@jihadwatchRS  22h22 hours ago
Kerry says US to accept 85,000 refugees in 2016, 100,000 in 2017 
ProfessorRobo ‏@ProfessorRobo  26m26 minutes ago
With Damascus, #Syria under threat, #Putin is moving to capitalize on #Obama’s, USA inaction #hillary #ForeignPolicy

Larry Elder ‏@larryelder  2m2 minutes ago
Former Nobel Director Regrets Giving Obama Peace Prize... 
Daniel John Sobieski ‏@gerfingerpoken2  5m5 minutes ago
Peggy Hubbard Exposes #blacklivesmatter Hypocrites -  - American Thinker -  65


My Cancellation ‏@MyCancellation  2h2 hours ago
How #ObamaCare Will Cost Native American Tribes Millions

Heritage FoundationVerified account ‏@Heritage  Sep 19
In #Obamacare mandate case, appeals court rules in favor of religious freedom  

The Daily CallerVerified account ‏@DailyCaller  Sep 14
Obamacare State Exchanges Losing Enrollees  #Obamacare #ACA 


Hillary Clinton cackles as she describes herself in three words. She's also a "real person"  

pete602 ‏@petefrt  2m2 minutes ago
Media Smears Trump, Ignores Fact That Hillary Started Birther Movement  #tcot #pjnet #p2  

2016 GOP Candidates...

#Reality McCoy ‏@ForMotionCreatv  1h1 hour ago
Ben Carson, Donald Trump Take Stand Against Sharia - Breitbart 

Mark R. Levin ‏@marklevinshow  Sep 19
Trump's Muslim controversy? Why doesn't CNN report on Obama's Jewish controversy? 

Mark R. Levin ‏@marklevinshow  2h2 hours ago
Say what? 

Ed Baker ‏@EdBaker3000  5m5 minutes ago
Trump Escalates Against Media's 'Muslim' Jihad With

Ed Baker ‏@EdBaker3000  6m6 minutes ago
Donald Trump Holds Up Mother's Bible, Vows to Protect Christians


Number of US households that spend at least half their income on rent could increase 25% over next decade @business

zerohedge ‏@zerohedge  19m19 minutes ago
Housing "Brightspot" Burns Out - Existing Home Sales Plunge Most In 7 Months


Ed Baker ‏@EdBaker3000  8m8 minutes ago
Austrian Asylum Seeker Jailed For ISIS Plans

Mike Pompeo ‏@RepMikePompeo  14m14 minutes ago
via @FoxNews, the IAEA confirms we were right - #Iran is taking its own samples at Parchin 

Robert Spencer ‏@jihadwatchRS  14m14 minutes ago
Nigeria Muslim leader: “We are running our caliphate, our Islamic caliphate. We follow the Koran.” 

Pat Peters, Ph.D. ‏@PatVPeters  13s13 seconds ago
Muslims Attacking Fiber Optic Cables In California. Why?


IBDeditorials ‏@IBDeditorials  7m7 minutes ago
A group of academics want to prosecute #globalwarming deniers under federal RICO statutes.  #tcot

The Right Scoop ‏@TheRightScoop  10m10 minutes ago
Democrats DEMAND man who exposed Planned Parenthood testify before Congress so they can crucify him


John Betts ‏@JohnFromCranber  Sep 19 Pennsylvania, USA
Panetta Said He IMMEDIATELY Told Obama #Benghazi Was a Terrorist Attack …   Liar-in-Chief is STILL Spinning This #tcot

Daniel John Sobieski ‏@gerfingerpoken2  Sep 17
(IBD) Lying About #Benghazi Libya Terrorist Attack  Sole Hillary Accomplishment -   -  74


Citizens UnitedVerified account ‏@Citizens_United  Sep 15
.@David_Bossie statement on the new @StateDept #NIAC email: … #hillaryemail

Michael Johns ‏@michaeljohns  Sep 19
State Department moves to conceal 100,000 emails of #HillaryClinton aides:
#TeaParty #hillaryemail

Doc Jerry K ‏@Doc_JJK  1h1 hour ago
The pathological liar--- The Fairy Tale That Is Hillary Clinton … #HillaryEmail #WakeUpAmerica #PJNET #politics


Ed Baker ‏@EdBaker3000  10m10 minutes ago
Top-Ranking DEA Official Signals Support For Border Wall

FAIR ‏@FAIRImmigration  40s41 seconds ago
Scott Walker discusses the implications of taking in tens of thousands of Syrian migrants

Common Core...

The Washington TimesVerified account ‏@WashTimes  Sep 19
Frustrated dad writes hilarious Common Core check to kid’s school  #CommonCore 

Daniel John Sobieski ‏@gerfingerpoken2  6h6 hours ago
(IBD) Jeb Bush Must Explain His Support For #CommonCore - #IBDeditorials -  …  160


Washington Examiner ‏@dcexaminer  30m30 minutes ago
Colorado district attorney responds to Rep. Jared Polis' sex assault comments  

Colorado Senate GOP ‏@ColoSenGOP  7m7 minutes ago
"Climate change" provides a convenient new rallying cry for the anti-capitalist Left: … #copolitics #tcot #gop

Colorado Senate GOP ‏@ColoSenGOP  2h2 hours ago
Chicken Little Lobby pans @hickforco climate plan 4 not doing more harm to economy/energy sector: …  #copolitics #coleg

CO Peak Politics ‏@COpeakpolitics  Sep 17
BUSTED! EPA Violated Endangered Species Law in Animas Spill … #AnimasRiver #Copolitics